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Travel in Namibia is safe and relatively uncomplicated; the infrastructure is excellent with well-maintained roads, frequently situated fuel stations and a wide variety of shops, it is comparatively cheap and offers excellent safari experiences.

Namibia is a popular self-drive destination; although most Game Reserves are easily accessible, parts of the country remain only accessible to authorised tour operators where either guided safaris or fly-in safaris are recommended.


Airport NameAirport CodeAirport InformationConnecting Airports
Hosea Kutako International Airport WDH 45km's outside of Windhoek Frankfurt / Johannesburg / Cape Town / Maun / Victoria Falls / Luanda / Walvis Bay / Oranjemund / Lüderitz / Harare / Gaborone / Accra
Eros International Airport ERS In Windhoek Ondangwa / Rundu / Mpacha
Walvis Bay Airport WVB   Johannesburg / Cape Town
Lüderitz LUD   Windhoek
Mpacha MPA Katima-Mulilo (Caprivi) Eros
Rundu NDU   Eros
Ondangwa OND Owamboland - north Eros

How to get there:

By Air - Namibia is directly accessible by regular international flights from Europe via direct flight with Air Namibia from Frankfurt & via neighbouring countries such as Johannesburg & Cape Town on all other major airlines.  Towns and lodges are linked internally by scheduled or charter flights.  Maun, Victoria Falls, Luanda and Lusaka is serviced via Air Namibia on direct routes from Windhoek.

By Road - Namibia is directly accessible by the regular bus service from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Victoria Falls. Namibia has a good system of major highways, and an extensive network of well-graded, smaller gravel roads. The country is well geared for self-drive tours and is also a convenient option from the neighbouring countries.


International Airports:

(WDH) Hosea Kutako International Airport, previously Windhoek International Airport
(WVB) Walvis Bay Airport

Airports & Airstrips:

Hosea Kutako International Airport (Windhoek) caters primarily for international and regional air traffic while Eros Airport, situated within the municipal boundaries of Windhoek, handles domestic flights. All major Namibian tourist destinations have airports, landing strips and/or heliports to accommodate holidaymakers travelling by air. Although Namibia has over 300 known airfields, travellers are cautioned not to land at unlicensed airfields, as the condition is not always known. Aircraft fuel is usually not available at the landing strips, and landings must be arranged in advance.


Domestic transport services available include bus service and commercial flights.
Private transport available includes hired car, 4x4 vehicle or light aircraft.
Please note: Gondwana Travel Centre discourages clients from using public transport.

Road Conditions:

A two-wheel drive vehicle is adequate for a self-drive holiday; but we recommend a vehicle with high ground clearance. The country has a well-established road network, of which some 5 450 km is tarred and 37 000 km consists of gravel and earth roads, providing access to the majority of towns, parks, nature reserves and tourist attractions in the country. Road conditions are good and well signposted. Two major development projects, the Trans-Caprivi Highway and the Trans-Kalahari Highway, provide access to Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa and link Namibia with other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries for trade, travel and communication.

Getting around the country:

Scheduled Flights: (http://www.air-namibia-timetable.com)

There are frequent flights from Johannesburg & Cape Town to Windhoek and Walvis Bay. Regular flights also operate between Windhoek and Swakopmund. Scheduled flights from Maun and Victoria Falls to Windhoek are also available.

Shuttle/Charter Flights:

A light aircraft shuttle flights are available into the Sossusvlei and Etosha areas, but most areas necessitate a private charter from Windhoek. These charter flights are relatively costly but save time for the busy traveller. See our selection of Fly-In Safaris

Self-Drives & Car Rental:

Namibia is an ideal self-drive destination although distances between major centres are considerable. All our guests beginning their self-drive journey in Windhoek or Swakopmund are given a comprehensive briefing by our knowledgeable staff regarding road conditions, suggested sightseeing along the route and other relevant information.  See our selection of Self-Drive Tours

Guided Safaris:

We offer a variety of expertly guided Scheduled Camping and Scheduled Lodge/Accommodated Safaris featuring the highlights of Namibia; as well as Private Guided Tailor-made Safaris.

Trains and Coaches:

Local trains and buses are not really a suitable option for travellers around Namibia. However, a scenic journey on a privately run train, the Desert Express, between Windhoek and Swakopmund is a highlight for travellers.

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